Firstly add a video to your post to summarize your post and just provide a hint what your post will be about if they decide to click the link and go to your site.

You will be able to attract wider audience since majority of online surfers prefer to watch a video than to read a blog post or an article. Don’t clump everything in one paragraph. Create a title that will grab people’s attention. Provide a benefit that your readers will get if reading your article. Always include a strong call to action providing additional benefits if they click on the link. You can provide different free gifts such as eBook downloads or additional trainings, or free access to content packed webinars. Add an image to your post. Link the image to your capture page. People love clicking on images. No matter how the rules of the SEO game change, one thing remains: the engines love good content.That brings forward the importance of good quality design.

All methods of link building that are known to search engine optimisers are known to search engine engineers as well. And no matter how closely those links resemble natural links, they will sooner or later show a detectable pattern and will be recognised as built links.